Conman in Tokyo

Conman in Tokyo

Conman in Tokyo follows the life of a gambling champion by the name of Jersey, who is living in Hong Kong and hopes to be the very best gambler in Asia.

This film was released in the year 2000 and features 103 minutes of action comedy. The message behind this film seems to aim at shedding a little light on how fierce competition can be in the world of gambling.

Cast & Crew

Conman in Tokyo was directed by Ching Siu-tung, who also goes by Tony Ching. Among his directing skills, Ching is a Hong Kong-based action choreographer, producer and even actor who has directed more than 20 films, with one of the most highly rated being the 1987 film, A Chinese Ghost Story.

Conman in Tokyo was produced by Wong Jing, whose influences can be seen throughout the film, while Law Yiu-fai is credited as the screenplay.

There is quite a lengthy cast featured, with some of the actors credited being Louis Koo as Cool, Nick Cheung as Jersey, Athena Chu as Karen, Christy Chung as Jersey’s girlfriend, Banana and Ben Lam as Yeung Kwong, the movie’s villainous character.

Conman in Tokyo Synopsis

Jersey is an extremely talented gambler who knows a number of skills and tricks, and considers himself the very best in all of Hong Kong. The young gambler holds quite an air of arrogance and, after finally beating a rival of his, set his self-proclaimed reputation in stone.

Jersey and his girlfriend, Banana, head out to a local restaurant to celebrate, however the mood changes when the owner of the restaurant overhears the young man bragging. Jersey is confronted by the owner who explains that the best gambler in Asia is in fact the legendary player, Cool.

Cool was best known for his card-flying stunt, as well as the fact that he mysteriously disappeared years prior. Jersey is now interested in his disappearance, not only because his arrogance has him completely annoyed, but because he genuinely admires Cool’s talent and success.

Banana suggests that the two travel to Tokyo, in order to discover just what happened to Cool, and why it is he went into hiding. After arriving in Tokyo and coming to the end of what appeared to be a futile search, the couple happen to stumble upon a Chinese restaurant, situated in the backstreets of Tokyo. The restaurant appears to be owned by someone who fits the description of Cool, however it is only when a local by the name of Yakuza comes into the restaurant to extort money, that it is revealed that it is in fact him. It is then, out of pure admiration, that Jersey swears his allegiance to Cool.

Unfortunately, Cool explains he is no longer interested in the world of gambling and has evaded the spotlight ever since he nearly lost his one and only true love in a stray bullet that was intended for him. Nonetheless, when Jersey discovers that that it was actually Cool’s brother that betrayed him in the incident, the two join forces and take on an adventure filled with danger, as well as a few laughs.

Release and Reception

Released on the 31st of August in 2000, this film made more than 7 million Hong Kong dollars during its theatrical run of about 1 month. rated Conman in Tokyo a 6.5 out of 10, with Far East Films rating the film 3 out 5.